Using hashtags to develop your social media communication strategy

[EN] How to use a hashtag

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[Version FR en cours de traduction] Hashtags have become very popular over the last couple of years. But what are these little nuggets of gold, and how should we use them? Hashtags are words that appear after the # symbol. You can think of them as a keyword that you are attaching to your post. If you just publish a photo or …

Look at why social media is important to your business

[EN] A Look At: “Why Social Media is important to your Business”

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[Version FR en cours de traduction] The ‘A Look At’ series is intended for businesses and startups looking to improve their communication & visibility. It can be difficult to get a good understanding of social media. Managing a business is already a full time commitment with all the normal day-to-day requirements, so it’s hard to justify adding an extra layer of responsibilities with …

[EN] The Power Behind One Image

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[Version FR en cours de traduction] We often hear about photos and videos that go viral. Most times, they involve cats. Whilst many find these entertaining, they rarely have a lasting effect on us. Yes, they are shared and commented on- usually for their comic or surprising effect, but that is as far as it goes. We don’t give them any …

[EN] Instagram: why is it good for your business?

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[Version FR en cours de traduction] Instagram has been in the news a lot lately. Apart from being one of the fastest growing platforms, it has overtaken Twitter in terms of number of users. With over 300 million active users, what is Instagram? For those of you that already know, skip this paragraph and read our top tips on how …

Une page Facebook ou un blog: que choisir?

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Bienvenus dans notre section “Vos questions, nos réponses”. Cette semaine, on nous a demandé comment choisir entre une page Facebook ou un blog. Quel est la meilleure stratégie à long terme, et pourquoi? C’est une bonne question car peu d’entreprises peuvent investir le temps nécessaire pour faire les deux correctement. Souvent, on choisit ce qui est plus à la mode. …