A Facebook Page vs a Blog: which is better?

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This week, we were asked again about making the choice between developing a Facebook Page or a Blog. Which is a better long term strategy, and why?

Its a good question because not many businesses can invest in doing both effectively. Many decide to go with what most popular. Facebook Pages are a great way to keep your ‘fans’ up to date, but it shouldn’t be your primary focus. Why? Lets cover the basics!

Facebook Page vs Blog

1. Facebook owns the data you post on their pages.

Does this matter? YES! You are putting hard work into developing your content… you should benefit from it. How? Think of your Google and Bing rankings alone. Content that appears on your website/blog is very important to your SEO rankings. Google reads and then rates the content on your website. Your rankings will be decided accordingly.
If your content first appears on Facebook, they get the credit for the information, not you!

2. Algorithms change… All the time!

You can work hard on your Facebook Page- get many thousands of likes and comments. Its all looking good, and your hard work and the time you have dedicated to it is paying off… BUT! From one day to the next, Facebook decides to change its algorithms to give preference in the news feed to businesses who advertise through them… And if you aren’t one of those, you lose out very quickly. Suddenly- even though your fans love your page, it doesn’t appear on their newsfeed as often.

3. Information should be easily accessible

Not all your clients/customers follow you all the time. If you rely on your Facebook page, you are expecting your followers to be connected enough to read the interesting or important things you post about. Its not realistic! So, your possible clients ends up missing out on a lot of what you have to share.
If you run a blog, you can easily archive your posts, and tag the main subjects so that your information is easily found- at their convenience.

4. Facebook is about Social, the Blog is about knowledge and information.

People browse Facebook to feel connected. They browse their newsfeeds and engage lightly in what interests them at that point in time. Maybe they are not in the mood to read your posts this week. Blogs, however, are where people go to learn more about your business, services, or products: they have more time to go more in depth into the information you are sharing.


There are lots more reasons, but these 4 are at the heart of why blogs are important for your communications strategy. Of course, you still need Facebook too! Your social media becomes the tool to inform the world about the information in your blog post… But that is a strategy for another question!


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