Social Media


Already on social media, but not getting results? Not sure how to interact or respond to followers? Let us help and:

  • teach you how to manage your social media profiles to attract visitors: start the two-way conversation
  • make sure you are on the social networks that are relevant to your business and your customers
  • help create an engaging website and blog content; or optimize your existing one
  • make your website easily accessible: for users and search engines
  • prepare an online communication plan: achieve the results you are looking for

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Website & Communications


Lets get your target market to visit your website- and impress them enough to stay. Our services include:

  • website optimisation: for better SEO and to improve user experience
  • develop a detailed communications strategy: for website, blogs and social media
  • implement digital marketing strategies for your specific target market: speak to them in their language




Your team plays an essential role in business communications: they represent you and are your primary advocates. We train the team to:

  • become comfortable using Social Media and the latest tools
  • use social media to carry out great customer care



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