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Confused about how to get results online?  We can help!

The social media landscape is constantly changing. To be effective on social media means you need to stay on top of the game. The Strategists will make sure you are! Meet the team:

Your Strategists

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Charles Werner | Strategist

Charles is the founder of the company and an all around great guy! After an international career, he decided to settle in Bordeaux and live the French art de vivre. He loves sharing his talents with others and is always researching to make sure he stays on top of the latest developments in the industry. He founded The Strategists to align his passion for social media with his interest in business development: he is investing in what is embedded in him: communications.

Addicted to surfing and kiting, you will find him on the water- when he is not busy planning the next big thing on his laptop!

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Sandrine Werner | Strategist

A gifted administrator and natural motivator, Sandrine is a polyglot and makes the most of her natural ability to connect with many different cultures.

Her extensive background in international business management gives her unrivalled insights into international communications and business development; both of which are big passions that she shares through her work at The Strategists.

When Sandrine is not hard at work, you can find her running spinning classes, kitesurfing, or enjoying the great outdoors.

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Think Fresh!

What makes the team behind The Strategists different and why should you trust them to define your Online Strategy?

They are globe trotters- combined they have lived in 9 countries, speak foreign languages fluently, and … but how does that make them qualified to set up your online campaign, or optimize your website? Well for starters, they are communications specialists, and have been working in the industry for over 15 years. They started using Facebook as early as 2006, when they were quick to identify and take advantage of the changes it brought to business communications. They have never stopped using, tweaking and perfecting the use of social media and all that is has to offer. They are both guest lecturers in their specialities on MBA programs in Bordeaux.

Excellence is what the team strives for, and trusting them with your online strategy means you will get nothing less.

Our Services

When it comes to doing business, everyone is talking about social media, blogs, tweets, algorithms, SEO, etc…. . But is Social Media important? 

Lets keep it simple: it has totally transformed the way we communicate. Everyone is online. You get most of your information that way, as do your potential clients. But, it is hard to make the most out of it. This is where The Strategists come to the rescue!

Our experience over the years has made us specialists in two areas: The Business and The Professional. Read on!

Connect with your clients where it matters the most. We develop effective strategies that make this simple and straightforward. You only have one chance to make a first impression: we will make it count!

Optimise the tools available: social media profiles, CVs online/offline, networks. We will help you show off the added value you bring to your future employers so that you stand out from the crowd!

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